Chief's Advisory Board

The Tustin Police Chief’s Advisory board is made up of community members who are representatives of the Tustin community and voice concerns/ideas to the Chief of Police.


The Chief’s Advisory Board (CAB) consists of business owners, residents, educators, healthcare workers, community members from local community-based social services organizations, and others.

The goal of the CAB is to provide a forum for police-community interaction to address public safety and related issues in order to further enhance the quality of life in our community. It also provides a forum with key stakeholders regarding law enforcement policies within the community and is composed of a diverse cross-section of community activists, business leaders and citizens representing both Tustin and the greater Orange County area.

Serving on CAB is a rewarding experience. Here is a statement from current C.A.B. member Kim Leason:

“I bought my first home in Tustin in 1983. What appealed to me was the City of Tustin had a small town appeal, easy access to freeways, great parks, and a mission towards the future.I felt a need to support this vibrant community by serving as: a Board Member for Tustin Meadows HOA, a chair member of The Tustin Community Foundation, the Community Services Commissioner, a chairman on the Tustin Community Pride committee, a graduate of the Tustin Police Citizen Academy, and a volunteer at the Orange Lutheran High Thrift Shop. In all these interactions, I learned something new about the Tustin community. We are blessed to have a great community with an eye towards the future. Our law enforcement is superior as we’ve built partnerships with other police agencies and developed and supported community policing. I am honored to serve as a CAB member.”

If you are interested in joining CAB, download and fill out the application, and follow instructions on the bottom of the application form.

Contact: Lieutenant Stephanie Nichols

List of current members

Patrick Adams
Paul Carvo
Julie Chay
Cris Cusac
Maureen Dadabhoy
Brett Eirich
Carol Burby Garrett
Henry Irvin
AJ Jha
Johnny Johnson
Kim Leason
Karin Marquez
Osman Tashan
Randy Wong

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