Community Resources: Homeless Liaison Officer

The department’s Homeless Liaison Officer partners with CityNet and other entities to conduct community outreach and offer resources to those who are homeless within the city of Tustin.


The Homeless Liaison Officer (HLO) assists patrol by providing resources and approving homeless individuals for housing either at TTES or other shelters. The HLO establishes professional, friendly relationships with the homeless in Tustin and responds to calls for service involving our homeless population.

Tustin Temporary Emergency Shelter

The Tustin Temporary Emergency Shelter (TTES), is a partnership between the City of Tustin, Tustin Police Department, and Temporary Shelter Inc. TTES provides safe and dignified shelter to homeless men, women, and children who have a link to the City of Tustin.

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City Net is a team dedicated to addressing homelessness, in a city or region, through the coordination of community efforts and activities. Since 2014, we have worked together to provide data-driven services that will result in ending street-level  homelessness within the communities we serve. We work together to provide services that will result in ending street-level homelessness through the provision of street-outreach, case management, housing navigation, bridge-housing, reunifications, community mobilization and census coordination.

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Monthly Homeless Outreach

Each month the HLO, with several other officers, work with outside mental health specialists in an attempt to provide services to Tustin’s homeless population. When appropriate, these individuals are offered housing at the Tustin Temporary Emergency Shelter (TTES) or other shelters near Tustin, and provided with resources to help them get back on their feet. Many families and individuals have been aided and uplifted at their most desperate times by the dedication of TPD.

Additional Resources

If ineligible for TTES, click on the following link for a list of other Orange County shelters and housing resources:

Contact: Homeless Liaison Officer Jasmine De Leon

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