Stu Greenberg

Chief Stu Greenberg has over 35 years of law enforcement experience. 33 of those years were with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department where he served as the Assistant Sheriff of Custody Operations and prior to that was Commander of Field Operations. He retired from Orange County Sheriff’s Department in November 2018, and started his career with the Tustin Police Department in December of 2018.

Law enforcement has faced significant challenges in the last several years.  These challenges have included increased attacks on law enforcement personnel, both physical and verbal, and an increased level of scrutiny by the people we serve. Additionally, the current homeless crisis, the drug epidemic, and the vast mental health issues that plague our communities, have further increased the challenges.  The Tustin Police Department has continued its efforts in supporting community engagement and transparency. 

The men and women of the Tustin Police Department have earned a distinguished and noble reputation within the community, and in the law enforcement profession in general.  Through their hard work, professionalism, dedication to duty and service, and belief in the Community Governance model of policing, the Tustin Police Department has become part of the fabric of the City of Tustin.

Keeping the public safe remains the top priority of the Tustin Police Department. However, the way this is accomplished has changed significantly over our history. Our Department is constantly seeking and developing ways to remain at the forefront of innovative policing. Over the past year, training and tactics has become a priority for all members of the Tustin Police Department, including both sworn officers and civilian staff.

We, at the Tustin Police Department, are proud to protect and serve our community.  We will strive to always improve and continually meet the emerging challenges that law enforcement encounters on a daily basis.  Providing for the safety and exceptional quality of life to all of our residents and visitors is our core mission. As Chief of Police for the City of Tustin, I am proud to introduce the Tustin Police Department’s first virtual open house.